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What Black Women Want From Their Spa

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Like many women, I can spend hours talking with my friends about hair, vacations, and beauty treatments. Especially skincare.  As a former esthetician, when it comes to spas I admit that I’m very particular about my facials.

I have no problem requesting a skincare professional who has experience with people who look like me. Why would I want less?  While all luxury spas should have highly knowledgeable therapists, often that is simply not the case. Read More

If You Want Spa Customers Back Put Yourself In Their Slippers

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(NOTE: If You Want Spa Customers Back Put Yourself In Their Slippers, is the last post in our 4-part series on “How Coronavirus Should Impact the Way Spas Do Business”)

In Part One of the series, we examined the projected 4.6 million job loss in the hospitality industry. Travel spending is also expected to decline to the tune of $355 billion dollars. Read More

Why Coronavirus Should Impact the Way Spas Do Business – Part Two

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Part TwoEngagement, Energy, and E-Commerce

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”

                                                                                                                                            -John C. Maxwell


Right now most countries in the Western Hemisphere have not reached the peak of the coronavirus pandemic. We have no idea of what’s to come. What we do know is that directly or indirectly most areas of business will be impacted. Nothing will be as it was before. Smart companies will look ahead and talk about a future that includes diversification, introducing new products and discovering new markets. Read More

Gordon Tareta Spills the Tea on Spa Retail

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Gordon Tareta is the area director of spas for Marcus Hotels and the founder of spa consulting firm, Tareta Group International. His comment about Sephora particularly resonated with me because when I worked as an esthetician, Sephora was right down the street. I remember the spa owner telling us that it makes no sense for a client to leave our treatment room and purchase the same products somewhere else. Customer service was everything. Read More

Esthetician Shortage Stunts Spa Industry Growth

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In last week’s Globe and Mail, writer Jessica Leeder wrote a fascinating piece on the esthetician shortage. Despite reports that the wellness sector is growing in leaps and bounds, Jessica reports that spas are struggling to fill their employee ranks with qualified skin care professionals. Read More

How Are Spas Gaining Their Competitive Edge?

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Update: This show previously aired. Watch the replay here>this week’s Blab

According to Sandler Research ;

“Globally, the market is quite fragmented and is characterized by the presence of both local and international players that offer innovative products and great service to meet customer requirements.

The vendors in this market are adopting strategies like branding and are also differentiating their services from others to gain a competitive edge over their peers. Competition is expected to intensify during the forecast period.”
Read More