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Seasonal Strategy Secrets of Savvy Spas

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With thousands of spas vying for the attention of consumers, many spa managers are always seeking out ways to gain a competitive advantage.  Using the holidays, seasons and special events to tie in existing treatments or create new ones is a smart way to keep customer and employee excitement, and revenue flowing through your operation. Read More

How Are Spas Gaining Their Competitive Edge?

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Update: This show previously aired. Watch the replay here>this week’s Blab

According to Sandler Research ;

“Globally, the market is quite fragmented and is characterized by the presence of both local and international players that offer innovative products and great service to meet customer requirements.

The vendors in this market are adopting strategies like branding and are also differentiating their services from others to gain a competitive edge over their peers. Competition is expected to intensify during the forecast period.”
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Do Spa Reports Equal Results?

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“We’ve been putting this information out there a long time, when is somebody going to start listening?”

-Anonymous Spa Conference Speaker

With so many resources at hand for the spa industry to perform better, faster and stronger, one has to wonder why there’s so much difficulty meeting challenges generated by technical and social change. Read More

Talking Retail & Therapists: Our 1st Global Spa Blab

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Last year’s Professional Spa and Wellness convention made a huge industry impact with their retail Key Performance Indicators (KPI) benchmarking  initiative. So it comes as no surprise that a featured topic at this year’s convention is “Improving retail sales at your spa: four simple steps” .

For our first Blab we also discussed product sales but  from the perspective of “Therapists Making Money.” This topic totally aligns with the importance of retail selling in the global spa  industry.

One of the key elements is engagement. Speaking of engagement Blab.im is one of the hottest tools in social media today. It’s still in beta testing but we think it’s perfect for our industry. Watch it in action in the video below. Tip:click your mouse on the verbiage to the right side of the screen to read the comments.

We’ll be doing Global Spa Blab every Friday at 7:30 pm Bangkok time,  so don’t forget to follow us on Blab.im and join the conversation.