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13 Tips to Ensure Spa Training Success

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Retail training costs money but there is probably no better investment for a spa to make. Still, convincing senior management and the financial department to fork over the amount needed to bring your staff up to speed can be tough. So one would assume that once the funds are secured proper preparation would be done to ensure a positive outcome.

But amazingly, that doesn’t always happen. It’s almost as though the training itself is anti-climatic. Read More

Listen, Engage, Sell! Turbocharges Spas

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For the past several months I’ve been traveling around the United States teaching spa managers and therapists how to increase their retail sales.  I was thrilled and honored to conclude my U.S. visit as a speaker and instructor for Biologique Recherche’s East Coast Conference in Florida. Read More

Are You Stocking Spa Products That Sell?

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What makes you spend your hard earned money?

I buy when I need something specific. Other times it’s because the item will make me feel better, it appeals to my sense of aesthetics and in that moment I feel like I’ll love it forever.

As a trainer who instructs therapists on how to increase retail sales, my first stop is always the spa retail store. Read More

Lose Money or Clients Which Does Your Spa Deserve?

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Change can be difficult to implement at a spa. New procedures are particularly hard because people are used to operating in a certain way.

I always begin my retail classes by asking therapists why they chose to work in the spa industry.  It helps me to understand their motivation or lack thereof. Some say money, others say they like to make people feel good. Some come from a family of therapists and others don’t have a reason. It just seemed the best thing to do at the time.

Knowing your “why” is important because it can make decisions simple in the long run.

I recently spoke with a spa manager whose group I trained. It seems that two therapists are resistant to doing anything different.  They are using  “family problems” as their excuse for not executing what they were taught in class. They say the new protocol of  customer engagement combined with their personal stress is too much to deal with. Bottom line, they are not interacting or making home care recommendations so guests are walking out with no retail products.

When I was a therapist at Rescue Spa, there was a brief period when my father was in the hospital. So I certainly understand that SOP’s are not top of mind when focused on a sick family member. I informed my spa owner what was happening and took time off. I was not receiving salary, only commission, so for the time my income stopped.

But my “why” for becoming a therapist was to ensure that my multi-cultural clientele received the of quality service that I wanted to receive. So knowing that I couldn’t give 100% I chose not to go in.

I am quite honestly perplexed as to why that wouldn’t be the first suggestion from the spa manager. When a therapist is under-performing, it is the customer who suffers. Most of us have seen the backlash that poor service can bring in today’s consumer focused environment. Is it really worth it? What am I missing?

Write to me at Moontide Consulting.com  and let me know.

By the way check out our YouTube channel where we discuss  spa issues in three minutes or less. Remember to”like” and “subscribe”.

The #1 Brilliant Way to Increase Your Customers

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Anyone who works in beauty, spa or wellness knows it’s highly competitive.  If you’re an entrepreneur,  it can be three times as hard!  I’m an introvert so blowing my own horn is not my favorite thing. But to grow your customer base, it’s critical to keep your brand message out there. For 2019, I decided to kick it up a notch and use marketing’s rising star – video.  Read More