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The Brilliant Pivot Customer-Facing Businesses Are Making for 2021

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Nobody loves success more than a successful business. After all, the positive outcome of foresight, great products, services, communication and  meticulous planning is a beautiful thing.

But if there’s anything the uncertainty of 2020 has taught us, it’s how difficult it is to plan. This is true for every customer facing business right now from restaurants to auto dealerships to hospitality.

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Aromatherapy Associates – Crushing the Pandemic E-Commerce Game

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Aromatherapy Associates CEO Anna Teal says “Spas need to consider re-evaluating the role of the therapist”! 

According to CEO of Aromatherapy Associates (AA), Anna Teal, online retail has been crucial for business following enforced closure of spas. Read More

Why Coronavirus Should Impact the Way Spas Do Business – Part Two

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Part TwoEngagement, Energy, and E-Commerce

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”

                                                                                                                                            -John C. Maxwell


Right now most countries in the Western Hemisphere have not reached the peak of the coronavirus pandemic. We have no idea of what’s to come. What we do know is that directly or indirectly most areas of business will be impacted. Nothing will be as it was before. Smart companies will look ahead and talk about a future that includes diversification, introducing new products and discovering new markets. Read More

Why Gwyneth’s Goop Lab May Be Spa Goals

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Coronavirus or ‘Rona as many of us now call her, has knocked most of us for a loop. In the wake of the pandemic, hospitality will change the way it does business. And so will the spa industry. It has to. Read More