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If You Want Spa Customers Back Put Yourself In Their Slippers

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(NOTE: If You Want Spa Customers Back Put Yourself In Their Slippers, is the last post in our 4-part series on “How Coronavirus Should Impact the Way Spas Do Business”)

In Part One of the series, we examined the projected 4.6 million job loss in the hospitality industry. Travel spending is also expected to decline to the tune of $355 billion dollars. Read More

Why Coronavirus Should Impact the Way Spas Do Business – Part 1

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“Introspection is always retrospection.” – Jean-Paul Sartre

In the past several weeks the world has been hit with a pandemic, the magnitude of which has not been experienced before in our lifetime. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing financial strife across most industries and currently, there is no end in sight.

Particularly hard hit has been the global spa and hospitality industry. According to Chip Rodgers, President at the American Hotel and Lodging Association, “The coronavirus will have a more severe economic impact on the hotel industry than 9/11 and the 2008 recession combined”. Read More

Why Your CEO Needs to be Tweetin’

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As a spa trainer and consultant I do a lot of information gathering. Two of my sources are LinkedIn’s Pulse magazine and articles on Twitter. Twitter’s information is in real time, fast moving and can be customized to appeal to specific demographics. It makes me wonder why more C-Suite executives from the hospitality industry aren’t using Twitter to reach a broader audience.

According to Leslie Gaines-Ross of Weber Shandwick, a recent analysis in Harvard Business Review, found that 80% of the chief executive officers of the world’s largest 50 companies are engaged online and on social media.

None of those companies include hotel groups. Indeed when trying to find CEO’s from that sector who tweet, I was able to locate only three; Greg Marcus of Marcus Hotels, Mark Hoplamazian of Hyatt Hotels and of course Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Hotels.

Want to read more? Click here>>>http://huff.to/1IlBUU9