Price-Waterhouse Says the Pandemic Hit Hard But Recovery Is In Sight

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The spa industry saw a dramatic revenue decline in 2020 as a result of the pandemic’s effects, but leaders of the International SPA Association (ISPA) are upbeat about recovery as wellness becomes even more important to travelers, according to a virtual presentation of the 2021 ISPA U.S. Spa Industry Study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Russell Donaldson, manager of research at PwC, said one important message is not to compare this crisis with the Great Recession of 2009-10 when there was a similar drop in business. At that time, he said, the problem was a demand issue; now it is a supply issue as consumers aim to make up for lost time in visiting spas.

Changes driven by the pandemic might or might not be permanent, said Donaldson. Operational adjustments like different kinds of menus; curbside or outdoor treatments; and “touchless” treatments may or may not withstand the test of time depending on whether they were a direct result of the pandemic or simply accelerated trends already in place.

While the industry is not out of the woods yet, said Colin McIlheny, director of global research for PwC, “what is clear is that there is widespread pent-up demand to get back to wellness and spas as long as they open safely.”

McIlheny said this is now an opportunity to review how the industry works.

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Six Ways You Can Reduce Political Stress Right Now

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Have you found yourself more stressed than usual by politics and the state of the nation lately? Do you worry about the direction that the country is taking, perhaps more now than before? Do you feel this is taking a toll on your emotional state, and even your physical health?

If so, you’re not alone. Read More

Listen, Engage, Sell! Turbocharges Spas

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For the past several months I’ve been traveling around the United States teaching spa managers and therapists how to increase their retail sales.  I was thrilled and honored to conclude my U.S. visit as a speaker and instructor for Biologique Recherche’s East Coast Conference in Florida. Read More

The Therapist – Management Retail Disconnect

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There are currently 32,930 vacant positions for therapists in the US spa industry and 1,030 for managers. Inspired by these findings from its annual Spa Industry Study, the International Spa Association (ISPA) Foundation commissioned PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to conduct a global study to get underneath the reasons for the high number of vacancies.  Read More

Examine the beliefs that no longer serve you

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In 2017 Nancy Griffin, president of Contento Marketing issued a brilliant report on retail. It was stated that “seventy-five percent of spa managers felt their low retail revenues were caused by staff resistance”. 

I wonder if the managers ever thought to offer training that was structured for how introverts learn. Were they even aware that 95% of therapists are introverts? 

This excerpt from an article by Mary Jo Asmus provides another perspective.   Read More

How Spas Can Increase Retail Sales Now and Forevermore

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The spa and wellness industry is projected to generate $US 20 billion in revenue by the year 2020. Retail sales is one of its most important revenue centers. Yet despite booming growth overall, retail revenues have remained disappointingly low around the world.

Clearly, what the spa industry is doing is not working. Traditional therapist training is not the answer. Read More

Gordon Tareta Spills the Tea on Spa Retail

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Gordon Tareta is the area director of spas for Marcus Hotels and the founder of spa consulting firm, Tareta Group International. His comment about Sephora particularly resonated with me because when I worked as an esthetician, Sephora was right down the street. I remember the spa owner telling us that it makes no sense for a client to leave our treatment room and purchase the same products somewhere else. Customer service was everything. Read More


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It’s always good to be an inspiration to colleagues. Particularly when it’s Julie Lombe, National Trainer for Sothy’s. 

Julie reminds us that ethnic skin care education is a global issue and still rife with  opportunities for improvement:

La frontière entre marques cosmétiques généralistes et ethniques s’estompe progressivement.  Qu’elles soient de parfumerie (Lancôme) ou de grande distribution (L’Oréal, Dove, She Moisture), les marques de maquillage, de soin ou de soin capillaire tendent à se globaliser et à s’adresser à une clientèle multiculturelle.

On ne peut pas du tout en dire autant pour les marques professionnelles !  Les causes de cette invisibilité ethnique sont à chercher auprès de tous les acteurs de l’industrie : monde éducatif, marques, spas et instituts … et clients.  Un article inspiré par les réflexions de Linda Harding Bond.  

To read the full article click this link>>>https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/nous-existons-linvisible-client%C3%A8le-multiculturelle-des-julie-lombe