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Blog Posts: Moontide Consulting

Price-Waterhouse Says the Pandemic Hit Hard But Recovery Is In Sight

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The spa industry saw a dramatic revenue decline in 2020 as a result of the pandemic’s effects, but leaders of the International SPA Association (ISPA) are upbeat about recovery as wellness becomes even more important to travelers, according to a virtual presentation of the 2021 ISPA U.S. Spa Industry Study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Russell Donaldson, manager of research at PwC, said one important message is not to compare this crisis with the Great Recession of 2009-10 when there was a similar drop in business. At that time, he said, the problem was a demand issue; now it is a supply issue as consumers aim to make up for lost time in visiting spas.

Changes driven by the pandemic might or might not be permanent, said Donaldson. Operational adjustments like different kinds of menus; curbside or outdoor treatments; and “touchless” treatments may or may not withstand the test of time depending on whether they were a direct result of the pandemic or simply accelerated trends already in place.

While the industry is not out of the woods yet, said Colin McIlheny, director of global research for PwC, “what is clear is that there is widespread pent-up demand to get back to wellness and spas as long as they open safely.”

McIlheny said this is now an opportunity to review how the industry works.

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Three Most Important Answers Spa Guests Want to Know

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What I observed pre-pandemic and even now with online coaching is that therapists are still uncertain of their power and the expertise that they bring to the table.

It’s so important for them to realize that spa treatments were missed.  No amount of online purchases can replace the ambience of walking into a spa and one on one experience that knowledgeable touch and personalized care provides.    Read More

THE Four Steps Successful Spas Use to Sell Retail (video)

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Wearing masks has caused a decline in the use of lipsticks and foundations. More attention is now paid to cosmetics for the upper half of the face, like mascaras, brow enhancers and concealers. And most importantly, everyone is paying more attention to the health and wellness of their skin which bodes well for spas. Read More

New Book Helps Entrepreneurs and Beauty Pros Squash Stage Fright

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Millions of people found themselves laid off, furloughed or fired as a result of the global pandemic. New ideas are the currency of many who seek to monetize their time freedom and bring their vision to the market. People connect to emotions first then words. Having the ability to project your feelings helps ideas and products sell better.

Author Linda Harding-Bond said, “The person who is first to market with an idea is often the winner. Stage fright should never kill a dream.” In her new book she details 6 practical steps that anyone can take to conquer stage fright and become a more powerful presenter.  Linda has the proof from practical experience.

Award-winning hotel groups and upscale brands hire her to help optimize retail sales and improve the communication skills of their staff around the world. Having operated from Bangkok, Thailand for the past seven years, Linda returned to the United States to pen The Quiet Presenter. She is excited to share her insight on how to create effective presentations with readers.

Available on Amazon Kindle :

The Quiet Presenter: A 6 Step System for Introverts, Entrepreneurs, Creators and Anyone with Stage Fright


How are Brands Adapting to New Directions in Beauty Sales?

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What new trends are we seeing in beauty retail amid the ongoing pandemic, and how are brands preparing for what is bound to be an unpredictable few months ahead?

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3 Proven Marketing Tips To Boost Your Business When Funds are Tight

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Digital Marketer and Social Media guru, Norm Bond drops knowledge on how to stay afloat with short funds:

Tough times bring out the best in entrepreneurs. Creativity thrives, energy is focused and new solutions emerge that benefit the audience. During the pandemic many business owners have been forced to abandon their dreams and close up shop. But others have managed to survive and even thrive. Read More

Is It Time For Spa and Hospitality to Speak Up?

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Yesterday, an important moment in America took place. Humanity won over inhumanity in the trial of Derek Chauvin.

As I read the statements issued by CEO’s for companies such as AT&TFacebookMicrosoft , LinkedInMcCormick & CompanyHewlett Packard EnterpriseWells Fargo and others, I truly wish that I was reading more from the leaders in Spa and Hospitality.
As an industry that is built on the tenets of service and compassion, it is particularly important during times of sea change to make our position known. The world is watching and listening. 


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