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The #1 Brilliant Way to Increase Your Customers

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Anyone who works in beauty, spa or wellness knows it’s highly competitive.  If you’re an entrepreneur,  it can be three times as hard!  I’m an introvert so blowing my own horn is not my favorite thing. But to grow your customer base, it’s critical to keep your brand message out there. For 2019, I decided to kick it up a notch and use marketing’s rising star – video.  Read More

How Are Spas Gaining Their Competitive Edge?

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Update: This show previously aired. Watch the replay here>this week’s Blab

According to Sandler Research ;

“Globally, the market is quite fragmented and is characterized by the presence of both local and international players that offer innovative products and great service to meet customer requirements.

The vendors in this market are adopting strategies like branding and are also differentiating their services from others to gain a competitive edge over their peers. Competition is expected to intensify during the forecast period.”
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Why Giving Your Customers What They Want May Not Be Enough

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In today’s competitive spa environment just performing a good service may not be enough. All therapists must be fully informed and prepared to offer the full range of products and services to make your guest’s experience extraordinary. Read More

Why your New Spa Product Will Probably Fail

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My friend Cheryl developed a beautiful line of organic body products. She sent me samples and I was thrilled to discover that her creations where some of the best I’d ever used.

When it won a best new product of the year award in New York City, she and I celebrated with a champagne lunch. I remember screaming in delight when it was later selected as one of the swag bag items for the Emmy Awards.  A Five-Star hospitality group  in Asia began carrying her line at their chain of spas. Her product was unstoppable. Read More