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How Spa Teams Can Rock Like Celebrity Glam Squads

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I’m noticing a common thread among extremely high performing spas that I’ve consulted for.

Only 11% of spa teams in the world are selling 30% and higher in retail.

What makes them different? 

I’m going to call it the Kardashian influence.

I hear you groaning. “On no, not them again”.

Yep them again. Because they have easy access to something that a lot of women crave-Glam Squads.

Glam Squad: part of a celebrity’s entourage, the staff of experts responsible for maintenance of hair, skin, makeup, wardrobe.  Syn. Couturiers, attendants 

I’ve noticed that highest retail generating luxury spas operate like celebrity glam squads. Glam squads are laser focused on their client. Their raison d’tre is to make them look and feel good. They are unapologetic about letting that client know what they need for self-care.

Top selling spas operate the same way. Their revenues are always higher than their competitors. And their retention rate is through the roof. 

Here’s why-

Their focus is totally client centric. From their initial greeting to their final goodbye, every touch-point along the guest journey is meaningful and well executed. Staff is constantly thinking ahead to anticipate their guest’s needs and desires. The guest doesn’t have to think about anything if they choose not to Therapists are engaged and know how to make confident, personalized recommendations that are never forced. Who wouldn’t want that?

Here’s a checklist of some things that top retail selling spas do. If you are currently managing a spa, let’s see how you compare.

Highly Engaging Front Desk Staff

-Recognizes return guests, knows their history and greets them accordingly

-Refers to the guest by name.

-Provides an escorted tour for new guests and makes them comfortable

-Begins the guest journey by asking how they are feeling and then responding accordingly

-Makes relevant product and treatment recommendations

-Has the checkout process prepped for speedy checkout

-Is fully versed and able to inform on every treatment and product

Highly Engaging Skilled Therapists

  • Conduct skillful fact-finding consultations
  • Are not too timid to ask relevant questions
  • Knows the treatment history of return guests
  • Are knowledgeable, experienced in a range of modalities
  • Can perform a thorough skin analysis for a variety of skin types and ethnicities
  • Does not hesitate to recommend another treatment that is more effective
  • Is knowledgeable about every treatment offering on the spa menu
  • Is educated and can inform on every product line within her/his discipline
  • Recommends home care regularly as a continuation of service
  • Informs the guest when their follow-up service should be scheduled
  • Is accessible for after-care questions

All team members work holistically to cross-sell products, treatments and services outside of their own discipline.

-Retail sales targets are clearly defined and reinforced daily by management.

-Management consistently provides frequent encouragement and praise and reward around performance.

-Status meetings are held frequently to identify successes and challenges.

So how does your team compare?

Linda Harding-Bond
Linda Harding-Bond is shifting the paradigm on spa retail training. Her Express Online Retail Training Course is exactly what's needed for post-COVID-19 spa re-openings. Designed to bring your therapists' retail skills up to speed, it will quickly position retail as a robust alternate revenue stream. Linda has provided training for many world-class organizations including The Oberoi Group, St. Regis Hotel, Anantara Hotels & Resorts, Shangri-La Hotels, The Resort at Pedregal, GoldenEye Resort and Spa and Six Senses Resorts. She is author of "Listen, Engage, Sell!: The Foolproof Method for Increasing Spa Sales in 7 Days or Less" and "The New Esthy Handbook: an Essential Guide for Novice or Nervous Estheticians". Connect with her at Linda@Moontideconsulting.com .
Linda Harding-Bond

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