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When Spas Lay Off Managers Do Problems Go Away?

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It is common knowledge that many spas are laying off management in an effort to reduce expenditures. What I discovered from conversations with industry friends is that often they are replacing spa managers with senior therapists and desk personnel. Read More

13 Tips to Ensure Spa Training Success

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Retail training costs money but there is probably no better investment for a spa to make. Still, convincing senior management and the financial department to fork over the amount needed to bring your staff up to speed can be tough. So one would assume that once the funds are secured proper preparation would be done to ensure a positive outcome.

But amazingly, that doesn’t always happen. It’s almost as though the training itself is anti-climatic. Read More

Listen, Engage, Sell! Turbocharges Spas

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For the past several months I’ve been traveling around the United States teaching spa managers and therapists how to increase their retail sales.  I was thrilled and honored to conclude my U.S. visit as a speaker and instructor for Biologique Recherche’s East Coast Conference in Florida. Read More

Spa Industry -We Are On YouTube

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For global spa managers and product distributors the question is always “How can I increase my retail sales revenues?” We are expanding our format to reach as many colleagues as possible. I hope you’ll join me on YouTube. Read More

3 Essential Steps to Grow Retail Sales Today

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Want your therapists to sell more retail products? Make sure they know what’s on your shelves.

In many spas, only estheticians are expected to recommend home care. Many LMT’s couldn’t tell you what’s in your retail area if their lives depended on it. Read More

How Affirmations Can Inspire Your Retail Sales

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Babies crying, arguments with boyfriends, moody girlfriends, buses running late, rude counter people. These are among the things that we deal with before work. When you’re employed as a spa therapist and expected to project a zen demeanor while soothing and calming others, it may be a challenge.

Read More