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Tag retail training

In 2021 Business Trainers May Be Obsolete. Here’s Why.

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Training courses are a necessary part of whatever we do in business life. We need the knowledge that they provide if we are going to grow and remain competitive.

Training is never a bad thing. For the hospitality industry it can increase employee and customer retention as well as expand operational knowledge. Read More

Real Talk About Spa Re-openings and Revenue

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Here’s the deal-spa therapists have never made what they could have been earning because no one ever showed them how. For years they received product training and it should be evident by now that it was not enough. Listen to the audio below for more..

Read More

Aromatherapy Associates – Crushing the Pandemic E-Commerce Game

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Aromatherapy Associates CEO Anna Teal says “Spas need to consider re-evaluating the role of the therapist”! 

According to CEO of Aromatherapy Associates (AA), Anna Teal, online retail has been crucial for business following enforced closure of spas. Read More

What Gwyneth’s Vagina Scented Candle can Teach the Spa Industry

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Gwyneth Paltrow, Oscar winning actress and owner of the e-commerce site Goop is stirring things up again. Most recently her addition of celebrated perfumer Douglas Little’s candle “This Smells Like My Vagina” has seemingly touched a nerve across all areas of social media. Read More

Are Women the New Face of Spa Retail Success?

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Recently I conducted retail training for one of the best known Five-Star hotels in Bangkok.  The most successful training is always at least partially attended by management, but this organization of women was outstanding in their therapist support.

On the first day of class, the Group Spa Director for Asia took time out of her busy schedule to make an appearance. The trainees were surprised and thrilled. The next day the Regional Director of Operations attended the entire morning session and also participated in the exercises. She is Thai as were the students so she was able to offer them a more culturally nuanced perspective which I appreciated.

On the final day the Hotel Manager, (one of the few females I’ve met) paid us a visit. Oh, and did I mention that the Spa Manager attended all training sessions and provided translation when necessary? The Training Manager also attended each session to lend her support.

Was this flood of management over the top?

Absolutely not!  I know that time is money and these women could have been doing something else.

However their presence was impactful and needed to break the complacency. It served to reinforce the critical nature of the retail initiative.

There is no longer a doubt in the minds of the therapists of their importance and how critical their performance is to the organization’s success.

If you aren’t achieving your retail goals, just telling your therapists that they must “do better” isn’t enough. That’s never worked before – you need to do something different and it starts at the top.

If you’re not willing to invest the time to learn what your team will discover you can’t support them. So not much will change.

Alright fellas, it’s your turn.

Is Your Spa Decision Maker a Solution Blocker?

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I had an interesting conversation with a colleague recently about how difficult it is to convince senior management to add retail training to their budget. I’ve heard this story more times than I can say. Most often the decision maker is male, over 65 with a background in hospitality but not spa. Read More