Master Class

Master Class

Three Most Important Answers Spa Guests Want to Know

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What I observed pre-pandemic and even now with online coaching is that therapists are still uncertain of their power and the expertise that they bring to the table.

It’s so important for them to realize that spa treatments were missed.  No amount of online purchases can replace the ambience of walking into a spa and one on one experience that knowledgeable touch and personalized care provides.    Read More

New Book Helps Entrepreneurs and Beauty Pros Squash Stage Fright

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Millions of people found themselves laid off, furloughed or fired as a result of the global pandemic. New ideas are the currency of many who seek to monetize their time freedom and bring their vision to the market. People connect to emotions first then words. Having the ability to project your feelings helps ideas and products sell better.

Author Linda Harding-Bond said, “The person who is first to market with an idea is often the winner. Stage fright should never kill a dream.” In her new book she details 6 practical steps that anyone can take to conquer stage fright and become a more powerful presenter.  Linda has the proof from practical experience.

Award-winning hotel groups and upscale brands hire her to help optimize retail sales and improve the communication skills of their staff around the world. Having operated from Bangkok, Thailand for the past seven years, Linda returned to the United States to pen The Quiet Presenter. She is excited to share her insight on how to create effective presentations with readers.

Available on Amazon Kindle :

The Quiet Presenter: A 6 Step System for Introverts, Entrepreneurs, Creators and Anyone with Stage Fright


Is Covid-19 Really the Cause of Your Problems?

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“Spas didn’t run out of money because of Covid-19. Spas ran out because they only had 3 months of cashflow in their bank during a 12 month crisis”!

Trent Munday, Senior VP of Mandara Spa keeps it real during his APSWC presentation “An Opportunity to Reset”. Read More

Five Challenges High Earning Spas Have Conquered (and you haven’t)

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Whew! We can breathe easier. We made it to a new year, a vaccine is becoming available and the future is looking brighter. For many who work in the spa industry, the pandemic exposed procedural weaknesses.

It’s only when the tide goes out that you learn who has been swimming naked. -Warren Buffet

Read More

Three Retro Spa Practices That Have Made a Comeback

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Smith Travel Research (STR) is a highly regarded hospitality analytics firm founded in 1985. In 2010, during the last recession, they performed a snapshot study of US trends in spa performance which was presented at SpaExec.

During that time the average retail dollar per treatment had risen from US$19 to $26 in just one year.
STR vice president Jan Freitag said that the increase indicated that consumers might be substituting at-home spa experiences for expensive treatments in spa facilities. Read More

How Great Innovators Learn To Embrace and Thrive in Uncertainty

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You might think that doing things the way they’ve always been done is best for your salon or spa. But with the winds of change blowing across global businesses, now may be the best time to introduce a new process. 

Todd Saxon explains why:  Read More