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Tag spa therapist training

THE Four Steps Successful Spas Use to Sell Retail (video)

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Wearing masks has caused a decline in the use of lipsticks and foundations. More attention is now paid to cosmetics for the upper half of the face, like mascaras, brow enhancers and concealers. And most importantly, everyone is paying more attention to the health and wellness of their skin which bodes well for spas. Read More

Real Talk About Spa Re-openings and Revenue

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Here’s the deal-spa therapists have never made what they could have been earning because no one ever showed them how. For years they received product training and it should be evident by now that it was not enough. Listen to the audio below for more..

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“I did not go to school to sell products!”

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Here’s the backstory: The CEO of a well known massage club posted on LinkedIn that the emphasis of his company is “total body care”.

My response; “Total body care should include appropriate product recommendations which allow guests to extend their treatment and maximize results.

His lead therapist then responded to me by posting this comment,

Therein lies the gap of understanding. Even though I used the term appropriate product recommendations, in the therapist’s mind this translated to selling.

Obviously, based upon retail sales results many therapists feel this way. Do yours?

I see it all the time in my training journeys.  Been there, done that, got a t-shirt.


As a Spa Manager, you may wonder how to get around this roadblock

At Moontide we’ve managed to crack the code. Check this out >>>> http://bit.ly/2ytMf4y

Contact me at Linda@Moontideconsulting.com or request a chat on Clarity.  I’ll be happy to share how  we achieve our fantastic results in the face of  resistance.