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Five Actions of Top Selling Spa Managers

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As I travel globally training spa teams and speaking at conferences and events about selling retail, I encounter spa managers who are very successful at achieving high retail sales and customer retention. Most of them employ the same behaviors no matter where in the world I happen to be.

Here are the top five. How many of them apply to you? For the YouTube version click here

1.  Set Achievable Goals

It’s impossible to meet numbers goals if your team has no idea of your expectations. Set realistic but not underwhelming sales goals for your team. Give them something to reach for, they might surprise you. Global standards  are three home-care products after a facial treatment and two products for basic body treatments.

Acknowledge and reward winners and runners-up. Don’t forget most improved sales to keep the underdogs motivated.

2. Train Your Team

Winning spa managers don’t allow their egos to get in the way. They know their shortcomings and take action when outside training is clearly needed, particularly with retail sales. They make it a point to attend classroom sessions so their team grasps the importance of the training. They know their education will also enable them to follow up in the weeks thereafter.


3. Rewards & Consequences

For winning spa managers, selling home-care sales is never an option. Because retail sales is a direct indicator of customer engagement winning managers focus on performance. High sales, up-sells, cross-sells and customer retention or lack thereof is built into therapist evaluation. Therapists who do well are recognized and rewarded.

Therapists who under-perform are given opportunities to improve but not kept around forever because it is draining to team morale and the financial health of the spa.

4. Interacting & Engaging

Winning spa managers make themselves available to their team. They understand that they are the linchpin from which everything flows. They also understand that the behaviors they want their guests to receive is best demonstrated by modeling those behaviors themselves. Therefore a significant part of their day is spent interacting with the guests, therapists and front desk staff.

5. Advocating for Products

Winning managers are knowledgeable about the products on their own retail shelves. They make it a point to use the products themselves. That allows them to give personal testimony. They consistently let their team know why they like the products and encourage home care use on a daily basis. As therapist’s knowledge is reinforced and modeled by their manager, sales increase.

Need to chat about your team? Connect with me at Linda@moontideconsulting.com


Spas, Training and the Trump Effect

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I’ve been in the U.S. now for longer than I anticipated. What started as a three week trip from my home in Bangkok has morphed into a prolonged visit. While I now have an unlimited opportunity to watch cable networks like CNN and MSNBC I feel that I am caught in the throes of a weird addiction to political news. I begin my day craving information on what havoc has been visited on our world overnight. I check Twitter trends and Huff Post headlines for my fix on the latest global backlash caused by our current administration. Because truth be told drama has happened everyday since January 20.  I find myself headachy before the day really begins.

I know that I am not alone.

I exist in a constant self imposed state of low level anxiety.

I recently read an article that discussed how Susie Ellis, CEO of Global Wellness Institute spoke of Trump as the leading influence of wellness trends for 2017. http://www.cosmeticsdesign.com/Market-Trends/The-Trump-Effect-is-already-altering-the-personal-care-and-beauty-market

“As things get more uncertain wellness gets more important.”

I totally agree with her viewpoint.

Last week I visited my favorite massage therapist. Nothing fancy, she works at Hand & Stone and she is fabulous! The time spent in a quiet environment with her was exactly what I needed. She knew exactly what to do and recommend and I can’t begin to express how much I appreciated her. In this time of turmoil and stress and uncertainly, the spa and wellness industry should be a safe haven. It is crucially  important for our therapists to be totally on point. Excellence in customer service is a teachable skill that should never be taken for granted by management.

Enabling therapists to listen well, respond authentically and recommend knowledgeably is what proper training can do.

Let’s get on it now.  The world needs it.


A Nation of Consumers

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This past Christmas my husband and I spent a much anticipated holiday season with our family. We currently live in Bangkok and two years is wayyy too long to be separated from the people that you love.

As fate would have it, an opportunity to provide retail training in my hometown of Philadelphia came my way. Despite the cold weather (which I hate) I decided to stay on longer with my parents while my husband returned to Asia.

Like a lot of retired seniors my parents are active and opinionated. They love MSNBC, The View, CSI Miami and Judge Judy. As I huddle by the fireplace watching these shows with them, I am reminded and amazed at the plethora of commercials. They advertise everything from plaque psoriasis crème to buy-one-get-one-free non-stick cooking pans. The contrast of watching television in Thailand where marketing is at best lukewarm makes me more aware than ever that we are truly a nation of consumers and we love to buy.

We have a leg up compared to other countries because it is part of our culture. We are the nation that unapologetically spends 5.5 million on a 30 second Super Bowl ad.

In my mind we should be dominating retail in the spa, wellness and salon industry. We should be kicking butt big time.

As global markets compete for spa and wellness revenue it is important for the U.S. to recognize what we do well and build upon it. This is my focus for 2017.

Sometimes it takes a view from the outside to have a broader perspective.


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It’s always good to be an inspiration to colleagues. Particularly when it’s Julie Lombe, National Trainer for Sothy’s. 

Julie reminds us that ethnic skin care education is a global issue and still rife with  opportunities for improvement:

La frontière entre marques cosmétiques généralistes et ethniques s’estompe progressivement.  Qu’elles soient de parfumerie (Lancôme) ou de grande distribution (L’Oréal, Dove, She Moisture), les marques de maquillage, de soin ou de soin capillaire tendent à se globaliser et à s’adresser à une clientèle multiculturelle.

On ne peut pas du tout en dire autant pour les marques professionnelles !  Les causes de cette invisibilité ethnique sont à chercher auprès de tous les acteurs de l’industrie : monde éducatif, marques, spas et instituts … et clients.  Un article inspiré par les réflexions de Linda Harding Bond.  

To read the full article click this link>>>https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/nous-existons-linvisible-client%C3%A8le-multiculturelle-des-julie-lombe

Make Your Moonlight your Sunlight; How to make Money during Holiday Season

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We’re talking with Norm Bond global entrepreneur. Norm has just published his new book Make Money Online with Holiday Marketing. 

Linda- Hi Norm. Recently I’ve noticed more activity around the topic of entrepreneurship but I don’t recall seeing anything like your book. What inspired you to write it?

NB-Holiday marketing is an industry that a lot of people don’t pay attention to and it’s actually an opportunity to market year-round. Read More