Blog Posts: Moontide Consulting

Blog Posts: Moontide Consulting

6 Hospitality Business Trends That Are Shaping the Future

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It goes without saying that the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent safety measures have had a significant impact on the hospitality industry. We can expect to feel the effects this year and beyond. Meanwhile,  increased consumer awareness of all things purposeful from technology to cultural mores has set new benchmarks.

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5 Strategies for Increasing Diversity and Inclusion in Hospitality

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Daniel Poulin,  Accor’s NCA LGBTQ+ Pillar lead shares his thoughts on how to effect change in Diversity and Inclusion.

Most people would agree that hospitality is behind other industries when it comes to diversity and inclusion.(D&I) Read More

What Does Apparel And Luxury Brand Marketing Look Like After-Corona?

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Are fewer stores open on Main Street in your city? We are creating a new normal in many areas of the global economy. Travel, hospitality, restaurants and retailers are having to pivot to new business models faster than they ever imagined in order to survive.  Read More

In 2021 Business Trainers May Be Obsolete. Here’s Why.

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Training courses are a necessary part of whatever we do in business life. We need the knowledge that they provide if we are going to grow and remain competitive.

Training is never a bad thing. For the hospitality industry it can increase employee and customer retention as well as expand operational knowledge. Read More

Five Challenges High Earning Spas Have Conquered (and you haven’t)

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Whew! We can breathe easier. We made it to a new year, a vaccine is becoming available and the future is looking brighter. For many who work in the spa industry, the pandemic exposed procedural weaknesses.

It’s only when the tide goes out that you learn who has been swimming naked. -Warren Buffet

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Top Five Wellness Trends for 2021 (and how your spa can benefit)

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A discussion panel about future wellness trends saw spa and wellness industry experts offer their take on what’s in the pipeline for the industry in 2021.

No time is better than now to apply tech to bring your product and service to potential customers and upgrade the skills of your team to maximize sales and customer retention.

Spa Business has rounded up the top five trends from the session.


COVID-19 will make immunity building and enhancement major wellness trends in 2021.

There’s going to be an increased focus on strengthening and supporting immunity and physical fortitude. Expect to see more customized immunity hacks – like genetic testing and biohacking, which will provide clients with a blueprint of their health and pinpoint the right treatments for them.

Wellness at home

Although self-care and beauty are already taking off in 2020, they will reach new heights in 2021 and spas have an opportunity to leverage this.

All kinds of wellness coaching will become increasingly important – spa professionals and personal trainers have a real opportunity to enhance the at-home experience for customers, with things such as virtual classes and digital content, to maintain engagement.”

At-home wellness, in particular, is gaining traction in 2020 and that lots of companies are noticing this and pitching solutions for healthy living and healthy homes, such as air purification systems.

“We’re spending so much more time in our homes, so companies are looking to help us optimize that space to have it be another wellness refuge.”


Nature will continue to be a trend in 2021, following a global retreat to the wilderness as people all around the world looked for an outlet while social interaction has been restricted.

For spas, this trend could materialize as more creative outdoor wellness programming such as wild swimming, forest bathing or meditation in nature, as well as outdoor treatments and use of spa gardens.

Nature is very healing and people are turning to it to find solace during the pandemic, because they can’t travel and socialize like usual.

Tackling the taboo

2021 will see a “massive and seismic cultural taboo toppling”, meaning wellness will expand its boundaries to things such as death, sex, money and socializing.

“We’re moving from wellness focusing on looking and feeling good, to this next wave where we’re lifting the lid on some of the pain points and pressures in society.

Wellness will fundamentally change the way we approach the riskier topics we don’t tackle, because they’re so sacred and codified. But with COVID-19 as a cultural accelerant, I think wellness is going to continue shedding light on how our approach to these things is only contributing to the mental health crisis we’re in.

Women’s Health

During lockdown sexual wellness brand witnessed a huge spike in sales, seeing year-over-year sales triple and even quadruple.
Conceivably,  women’s sexual health and wellness will boom in 2021, as companies are realizing that many women are suffering in silence and feel failed by the medical system, in particular regarding the menopause.

“Companies are continuing to look into alternative ways to meet women’s health needs, making things such as pelvic floor trainers and supplements designed specifically for women.




The Brilliant Pivot Customer-Facing Businesses Are Making for 2021

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Nobody loves success more than a successful business. After all, the positive outcome of foresight, great products, services, communication and  meticulous planning is a beautiful thing.

But if there’s anything the uncertainty of 2020 has taught us, it’s how difficult it is to plan. This is true for every customer facing business right now from restaurants to auto dealerships to hospitality.

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21 Award-Winning Luxury Spas – Visited in 10 Minutes

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Millions of people around the world love traveling to a wonderful luxury spa, luxury hotel or luxury resort! It could be for wellness, relaxation, or just an escape to spend time with friends and loved ones.

In light of COVID-19, there is an increased focus on wellness. Today the global spa industry is suffering tremendously, due to restrictions on travel, tourism, and physical engagement. The industry is resilient and provides wonderful services through committed people.

Spa award ceremonies have also continued. Some traditional ceremonies were canceled this year, but the organizers have put more attention on digital and mobile presentations. So I checked major platforms including the World Luxury Spa Awards, the World Travel Awards, World Spa Awards, and Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards to see what was happening. From these sources, I discovered “21 Award-Winning Luxury Spas“. These may be some of the best places for you to visit in 2021. WATCH THE VIDEO:

How do you find a great luxury spa for your relaxing stone therapy massage?

Some are located inside of hotels while others can be found on an expansive resort that may span more than a hundred acres of land. You can also choose a day spa in your local city. or within driving distance.

We know this is a year not to be soon forgotten. If a spa property can provide world-class customer service, engagement, and staff training now – then they will surely provide it during re-opening and recovery. These are the luxury hotels, luxury spas, and luxury resorts to follow.

If you want to read the text and see the websites for each of the spas mentioned, simply follow the links below.

21 Award-Winning Luxury Spas Visited in 10 Minutes

Three Retro Spa Practices That Have Made a Comeback

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Smith Travel Research (STR) is a highly regarded hospitality analytics firm founded in 1985. In 2010, during the last recession, they performed a snapshot study of US trends in spa performance which was presented at SpaExec.

During that time the average retail dollar per treatment had risen from US$19 to $26 in just one year.
STR vice president Jan Freitag said that the increase indicated that consumers might be substituting at-home spa experiences for expensive treatments in spa facilities. Read More

Three Face Shields That are Rocking the PPE Landscape

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Coronavirus is unfortunately a part of our lives, at least for now. We have a new vocabulary. “Social distancing, wear your mask, wash your hands frequently and thoroughly“.

Facemasks have become a multi-million dollar industry with the wearers displaying everything from their political views to favorite designer prints to classical art preferences. Read More