How Spas Skyrocket from Bronze to Gold

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Day Spa Association cited an interesting statistic in their latest Snapshot Report;

Spas that generated 20% or higher in retail could potentially improved their sales by as much as 14%.

This is not surprising as success tends to breed more success. But if you’re in that lower 20% group and desperately want to make a giant leap into the elite 30% plus club,  how do you make it happen? Read More

How a Flop Could Help the Spa Industry Succeed

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I’ve always been into watching sports.  My Dad is head official for the Penn Relays, a national tournament held annually in Philadelphia so track and field is an event that I’m very familiar with.

The great thing about sports is that with the right coach, athletes who might be considered just average can rise to great heights of excellence.

As I watch what’s happening in the spa industry today with retail selling and the lack of therapist training it makes me think about Olympic high jumper Dick Fosbury. (Hang in there with me for a moment and you’ll see where I’m going with this.)

Last week I had a very interesting conversation with the senior manager of a massage club company. I’d experienced great massages from one therapist in particular who works for his company and I told him so. I also mentioned that  although stress relieving products are in-house, in two years she had never suggested one to me. I trusted her so I would have purchased almost anything she recommended. I wondered if he might be open to try a new method of training that’s been very effective with therapists. He responded:

We track metrics and invoke and promote strategies for LEs to improve and drive retail sales in line with our partners’ X and Y. We have instituted a National Director of Esthetics and National Esthetics Trainer to drive this facet of our business from a franchisor level and I’m pleased with the results to date. We significantly outpace our competition X and Y in revenue. I think we have the appropriate vision of what we can do, what we are doing, and are capable of doing.”

I think we have the appropriate vision of what we can do, what we are doing, and are capable of doing.”

I am certain that prior to 1968, world class coaches around the globe held the same conviction about their method of teaching the high jump.  And then an athlete named Dick Fosbury showed them something quirky and different.

New methods can often spur your team to levels of achievement that you never imagined.

Always be open.

Linda Harding-Bond is the creator of Increasing Your Retail Selling an Online Training Class for Spa Managers. It is the first retail sales and engagement training designed for how introverts learn. 

Spa Superstars: Hidden in Plain Sight

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Innovation is a hot buzzword. Senior executives in the hospitality industry are burning the midnight oil trying to find ways to innovatively one-up each other. Flying yoga, wellness strategies, sustainability campaigns, the list goes on with one thing in common. They’re all designed to target a larger portion of revenue from the upscale leisure consumer. Read More

Seasonal Strategy Secrets of Savvy Spas

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With thousands of spas vying for the attention of consumers, many spa managers are always seeking out ways to gain a competitive advantage.  Using the holidays, seasons and special events to tie in existing treatments or create new ones is a smart way to keep customer and employee excitement, and revenue flowing through your operation. Read More

How Are Spas Gaining Their Competitive Edge?

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Update: This show previously aired. Watch the replay here>this week’s Blab

According to Sandler Research ;

“Globally, the market is quite fragmented and is characterized by the presence of both local and international players that offer innovative products and great service to meet customer requirements.

The vendors in this market are adopting strategies like branding and are also differentiating their services from others to gain a competitive edge over their peers. Competition is expected to intensify during the forecast period.”
Read More

Spas Can Learn From Cosmetic Outlets!

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Last week we received quite a bit of response from our Blab “How Cosmetic Outlets Slay Spas”. Everyone wasn’t happy and they let us know so. Many  felt as though dirty spa laundry shouldn’t be aired in public.

We never saw it coming. I must admit that it gave us pause.

But then we received an e-mail from the co-owner of one of the largest membership spa clubs in the U.S. who wanted to know more. Read More