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How a $60 Massage Became Unforgettable

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Many people think that one of the perks of working at a spa is the ability to get treatments. But when you work at a popular spa where the therapists are in high demand it just doesn’t happen.

As a fully booked service provider, I realized that I needed to take better care of myself and one of my co-workers recommended Hand & Stone, a discount massage club.

I was doubtful of their service; quite honestly because of the price. Their 90 minute massages cost one third of what we charged at my spa but it was comfortably within my budget. So I joined the club and began going to Roxanne on the last Friday of every month. When I tried to add another session I discovered that she was fully booked. Later, I discovered why.

Her massage was always great; she would spend extra time on the areas that plague estheticians the most like the neck, arms and hands. Even though the bodywork was initially uncomfortable she always managed to put me to sleep.

It was my habit to do my weekly shopping on Fridays at the Reading Terminal, a famous indoor market with fresh food stalls. Although it was counter-intuitive after a massage, I actually enjoyed the ritual. Anyone who has ever gone to the Reading Terminal understands why.

On this particular Friday, snow had been predicted. When I finished my massage and stepped into the lobby to pay for service it was coming down heavily. As I wavered between shopping or going home, the door to the treatment rooms opened and Roxanne walked up to me with an umbrella in hand. “This is for you and that cab outside is waiting to take you to the market. I called while you were getting changed. You do your food shopping on Fridays right?”. I was stunned. Sure enough a taxi was idling outside of the front door. As far as I was concerned it was a limousine.

I will NEVER forget this experience. The value of my massage was $60.00. But my customer experience was priceless. This wasn’t even in the realm of my expectations. What she did raised the bar exponentially in how I listened and engaged with my own clients. And as a trainer it served to broaden my ideas of how we can serve our guests.

Roxanne proved that you don’t have to work at a high end spa to give million-dollar service.

Linda Harding-Bond
Linda Harding-Bond is shifting the paradigm on spa retail training with "Increasing Your Retail Selling” This system focuses on customer engagement and discerning the guest's needs through skilled listening. It is uniquely designed to develop the inherent skills of introverts-the predominant personality type in the spa and wellness industry. Retail sales results are immediate and long lasting. The program is also available as an online training system with remote coaching for managers. Linda has provided training for many world class organizations including The Oberoi Group, Shangri-La Hotels, The Resort at Pedregal, GoldenEye Resort and Spa and Six Senses Resorts. She is author of "The Engaged Therapist" and "The New Esthy Handbook: an Essential Guide for Novice or Nervous Estheticians". Connect with her at Linda@Moontideconsulting.com .
Linda Harding-Bond
Linda Harding-Bond
Linda Harding-Bond

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