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21 Award-Winning Luxury Spas – Visited in 10 Minutes

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Millions of people around the world love traveling to a wonderful luxury spa, luxury hotel or luxury resort! It could be for wellness, relaxation, or just an escape to spend time with friends and loved ones.

In light of COVID-19, there is an increased focus on wellness. Today the global spa industry is suffering tremendously, due to restrictions on travel, tourism, and physical engagement. The industry is resilient and provides wonderful services through committed people.

Spa award ceremonies have also continued. Some traditional ceremonies were canceled this year, but the organizers have put more attention on digital and mobile presentations. So I checked major platforms including the World Luxury Spa Awards, the World Travel Awards, World Spa Awards, and Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards to see what was happening. From these sources, I discovered “21 Award-Winning Luxury Spas“. These may be some of the best places for you to visit in 2021. WATCH THE VIDEO:

How do you find a great luxury spa for your relaxing stone therapy massage?

Some are located inside of hotels while others can be found on an expansive resort that may span more than a hundred acres of land. You can also choose a day spa in your local city. or within driving distance.

We know this is a year not to be soon forgotten. If a spa property can provide world-class customer service, engagement, and staff training now – then they will surely provide it during re-opening and recovery. These are the luxury hotels, luxury spas, and luxury resorts to follow.

If you want to read the text and see the websites for each of the spas mentioned, simply follow the links below.

21 Award-Winning Luxury Spas Visited in 10 Minutes

Why 1000’s of Global Spa Executives Can’t Sleep at Night Since COVID-19

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Wouldn’t it be great if things were back to normal in the global spa industry? Instead, wellness travel is terminated for the foreseeable future. Routine facials are finished.

And the deep tissue or relaxing massage is out. In many countries, government mandates require spas to close.

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc across hospitality for the past month,

(NOTE: This is the third post in our 4-part series on “How Coronavirus Should Impact the Way Spas Do Business” and ways CEOs/Spa Managers/Therapists are handling the current crisis. To see the first post in the series click here.)
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Why U.S. hotel industry could see approximately 4 million jobs wiped out this year

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The hotel industry is being crushed by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Share prices are experiencing a sharp and steady decline. In the U.S. alone an estimated $1.4B in revenue is disappearing every week. The prediction is if occupancy levels fall by 30% this year, the U.S. hotel industry could lose approximately 4 million jobs. This would send a ripple effect around the world. Read More

MINDBODY to Acquire Booker Software for $150 Million in Cash

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MINDBODY Inc., the leading technology platform for the wellness services industry announced it will acquire Booker Software, the popular cloud-based management software for salons and spas.

The new partnership expands the marketplace and opportunities for consumers who book spa services online or use mobile devices. The combined platform will power more than 18,000 salons and spas worldwide. Read More