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Case Study: Five Star Spa Retail Success

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case study: five star spa retail success

increase spa retail sales results with moontide consulting

This five-star global spa increased retail sales results by 394%
following a 4-day in-house training with Moontide Consulting

Their Story

 Five-Star Luxury spa entity, part of a larger hotel property
 16 therapists with no training on effective spa retail sales 
 Spa retail sales results below industry average of 3%

The Challenge

 Treatment business is robust, retail sales are dismal  
 Customer retention needs improvement  
 Management discouraged, therapists demoralized 

increase your spa retail results with moontide consulting

The Cause

 The therapists are unsure of themselves
 Management is not highly skilled in staff motivation to sell
 Product training doesn’t encompass retail sales training

The Solution

 Retail sales training specifically designed for personality type of most therapists
 Design sales processes that easily integrate into the spa and brand culture  
 A three-week post training coaching call with spa management  

increase spa retail results with moontide consulting

The Results

Pre-training weekly retail sales for team tracked at 48,218 (local dollars)
 Post-training (2-days) team retail sales results at 74,122 (+53.72%)  
 Post-training (7-days) team retail sales results at 238,385 (+394.39%)  

increase spa retail sales results

It was amazing to work with Linda. Her intuitive understanding of therapists and how they can be motivated to better retail revenue is astounding. 

We saw immediate results.


increase spa retail sales results

Linda's training course should be a pillar of Spa Business Development. Her tools and experience have encouraged my team to excel their retail performance and to engage with members and customers.

I see the results keep coming and I am very happy.    

W, M. - aberdeen marina club, hong kong

increase spa retail sales results

 We are so happy and we did this retail training, she created a module that was based on what the spa needs, very personalized.

Miss L. was very professional and an excellent trainer. 

D.P. - chi the spa, mactan resort and spa


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The world is growing smaller by the day. Your therapists must be able to communicate with a broad range of people from around the world. Proper training must ensure that your staff can not only confidently engage with your customers but make proper product and service recommendations which enhance your brand’s image.

Since 2009 when I created my Hit the Ground Running workshop for therapists newly entering the job market, this has been my focus. They found employment easily after taking the course. Since then I’ve trained in world class spas and resorts like Goldeneye in Jamaica, Rescue Rittenhouse Spa in Philadelphia, Oberoi Hotel Group across India and finally Six Senses Hotels and Resorts as a Manager of Spa Training.

I believe that the best way to select a trainer is through having a conversation to assess your own comfort level with the person who you choose to train your staff. I invite you to contact me at . Let’s discuss how I can assist you.


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This was an awesome consulting assignment, training the spa staff at GoldenEye Resort. It is the home of Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond.  He wrote all of his books at his villa, located just steps away from this photo site. I had an opportunity to stay in the Naomi Campbell villa which was extremely cool.

For this assignment, which was a grand re-opening, an in-room menu had to be developed and spa services delivered to the rooms over a multi-terrained property. This was challenging to say the least, as considerations had to be made for distance, weather and location.

Creating a customer service workshop to address their unique issues was fun. Guests have three different ways in which to enter the spa reception area. These include cross the lagoon by swimming, paddle in by boat, or descend a steep pathway. A protocol was created for the therapists to meet the guest in each of these situations.

This was also my first time creating role-plays for same sex couples. Gay rights is a hot button issue in Jamaica. It was important to ensure that everyone received equally superb service.