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Validating Customer’s Concerns

Intention: Understanding the importance of validation. For staff to recognize how much they can affect their guest’s lives through their actions. Increasing their awareness of the power of listening, responding, and positivity. Reconnection with their own feelings

1. Therapists will sit in teams of three.  

2. Everyone must participate. 

3. Spending five minutes in complete silence, attendees will recall a time and share with their team-mates when someone made them feel important.  

4. Inform your team that their story must be detailed and a minimum of 2 minutes long. 

These examples of when someone took the following actions may be used:

  •     Doing something extremely kind
  • Giving them something unexpected
  •     Telling them they are loved
  • Receiving an unexpected hug 

(Note) This session can often become emotional so have a box of tissues at hand.

When the session is completed, watch the video module wrap-up and listen closely.