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Conducting an Engaging Consultation

Intention: To develop a systematic, concise interview process that uncovers the guest’s motivation for their spa visit.

Inform attendees that they will listen closely to what the guest says and ask follow-up questions. The consultation should reveal relevant information about the guest’s primary concern. 

1. This exercise should be conducted in separate rooms or spaces large enough to accommodate simultaneous conversations. Attendees should be in teams of three.  

2. Existing customer profiles should be used from the database. 

3. The acting therapist should conduct a full consultation with the goal of fully understanding the what, where, why, when, and how aspects of the guest’s issue. 

4. Referring to sample questions handout, (see download) each attendee will take a turn role-playing as a guest, therapist, and observer. 

5. The observer will take written note of any missed opportunities for follow-up questions or validation by the therapist that might provide more clarity or relationship building. 

6. At the end of each consultation, the team will discuss the quality of their performance. 

7. They will also discuss which products might be recommended for home care later. 

8. After each team has completed their session, they should role-play their best consultation for the instructor’s feedback.  

When the session is completed, watch the video module wrap-up and listen closely.