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Clarifying Product Benefits vs Features

Intention: For staff to describe products in a manner that is most meaningful and compelling to the guest. To facilitate homecare sales through personalized terms

Inform attendees that they will listen closely to what the guest says and offer solutions citing the benefits of the product to the guest. These terms will be applied in the treatment room and while making product recommendations.    

1. Therapists will sit in a semi-circle with prepared flipchart in the center (see template).  

2. Six retail products from your spa store will be used for this session. 

3. Moving to individuals around the circle, focusing on one product at a time, attendees will identify a single benefit or feature.  

4. Do not progress to the next product until fully completed. 

5. Once all products have been designated three benefits and three features, a photo will be taken of the chart for duplication. 

6. Each staff member should receive a hard copy for memorization. A laminated copy should be placed in each treatment room.

7. The benefit/feature process should be repeated with staff each week for additional products.

When the session is completed, watch the video module wrap-up and listen closely.