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Identifying What Gets in the Way of Selling

Intention: To remove fears around recommending products. 

Inform attendees that if they focus on delivering the best service possible, their minds will be on the guest, not themselves.  

1. Therapists will sit in a semi-circle with pen and paper. 

2. They will spend 10 minutes and write down all of their fears or issues around what stops them from selling.

3. When they have completed this task, the trainer will have each attendee reveal one of their fears. The team will work in a circle until all are listed. 

4. Place a stroke next to duplicate issues. 

5. The trainer will list them on the flipchart or whiteboard. 

6. Discuss each fear referring to your “Chart of Common Fears and Responses” (this is in the download file “Instructor Charts”)

When the session is completed, watch the video module wrap-up and listen closely.