We know that in today’s post-shutdown environment, spa re-openings demand top performance. The need to build solid customer relationships has become more critical than ever! Financial security demands revenue streams outside of therapist treatments. Selling retail is the answer.

You need to get your team up to speed fast.

Moontide Consulting’s Express Online Retail Training Course, our new five-hour intensive online training hits the mark. It is perfect for pre-reopening training and can be conducted in one or two days. Based upon the $3000 -6 day training conducted at top spas around the globe, this course delivers the most impactful modules for high success.

During the Express Online Retail Training Course, your team will learn how to lay the groundwork for retail recommendations beginning with the initial consultation. They will learn how to make product recommendations more fluidly and organically. Home-care sales will be a no-brainer for your guests.

This program is designed for any spa manager or owner who desires to improve customer retention and sales performance.  Your entire team from the front desk to therapists to attendants will benefit from Moontide’s Express Online Retail Training Course.  Contact us for an online walkthrough to see what’s included.

Our 6-day trainer lead course for spa therapists is a global standard for retail sales training.  We create a customized program based totally on your specific needs.  You will receive one month of follow up support with this option.


WHY OUR TRAINING WORKS: Our programs are created with introverts in mind. This is the most common personality type of service providers in the spa industry.

Our training is designed for the learning style of a more quiet personality. The international success of our unique program can be measured by the praise of spa managers, their increased sales revenue, constant speaking engagements at spa conferences and busy training schedule.

To get started implementing a training solution for your company, simply connect with us today by clicking here.