Are you a product manufacturer or distributor? How are you differentiating your product line from your competitors? In today’s market, there are thousands of products for spa and wellness practitioners to choose from. How will you ensure that yours are top of mind?

Spa therapists, wellness practitioners and others who will deliver your products and treatments are not professional salespeople. Most spa technicians are introverts. Many believe that “selling” is not an important part of their interaction with clients. Every aspect of your product training should be designed with this audience in mind.

We work with you to ensure that your training program is designed for your specific audience. We help you incorporate components which will over-ride negative mindsets and emphasize a philosophy of service. Your training will teach your therapists the various opportunities for product recommendation. They will learn how to increase sales organically in ways that feel comfortable for them. We help you to collaborate with spa managers to ensure a seamless product flow from treatment room to front desk.

“When you help people get what they want or need, they in turn will give you what you want.”

Product knowledge and protocols training is no longer enough to generate robust product sales.  Today’s educated spa client requires more from their service providers. Your product line can make that happen.

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