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Home Care Recommendation and Sale

Intention-To facilitate customer loyalty and retention by discussing positive treatment outcomes. To send the guest home with a personalized home care regimen as a continuation of service.

1. Remaining in the same role-play configuration from Module 5, attendees will take turns and perform a two-part process; (A) recap the guest’s concerns and show treatment results (B) review use of recommended homecare regimen.

A. Referring to the consultation form, the therapist will briefly recap the reasons for the guest’s appointment. For a facial treatment, the therapist will use a hand-held mirror as it allows close-up observation of results.

For a body treatment, the therapist will ask the guest to manipulate the pain point or touch the area themselves to determine the level of improvement.

The therapist should assume the sale and proceed with product recommendations unless the guest states otherwise.

2. Guests should always be advised to commence the product by the following morning of their appointment. This emphasizes the importance of establishing an immediate routine for continued results. Instructions should include:

  • Amount to be used daily
  • Application technique
  • Pre-preparation of the affected area if applicable.

3. Guests should also receive a prescription pad of product recommendations with instructions. This ensures their understanding of instructions.

4. All retail products should be waiting at the reception area upon the guest’s check-out.

When the session is completed, listen to module wrap-up.