new book helps spas increase retail sales results:
 targeting introverts is missing link says global spa trainer 

Bangkok, THAILAND (March 27, 2018) - The spa and wellness industry is projected to generate $US 20 billion in revenue by the year 2020. Despite the booming growth spa retail sales revenues have remained surprisingly low. In "The Engaged Therapist: How Spas Can Increase Retail Sales Now and Forevermore" author Linda Harding-Bond provides answers for spa executives and managers. She asserts the major problem is that traditional training has ignored introverts, the primary personality type of spa therapists.  In the book readers are introduced to her unique sales program, designed for the quiet learning style of spa therapists.  

Our failure to recognize that introverts comprise most of our therapist workforce has impacted our earnings and customer service” said Linda.

The inability to generate robust retail revenue is an increasingly important topic for leaders across the spa industry. Global symposiums, conference keynotes and regional workshops are bringing the issue into sharp focus. Retail revenues hover around 3% for Resort Spas, 4% for Wellness Spas and 10-13% for Day Spas.

Engaged Therapist: How Spas Can Increase Retail Sales Now and Forevermore

Today's hyper-connected consumers want answers and solutions they are not receiving at traditional spas. They can read hundreds of product reviews, ask sales questions on social networks and shop from their bed on their smartphone before ever arriving for a service. This increased access to information demands spa staff have greater expertise, authenticity and the ability to engage.  

Since therapists and support staff are the primary contacts for guests they must have the ability to interact effectively. By learning these skills the sales boost will naturally follow. This requires that more money be invested in proper training, education and this effort must be tailored specifically for introverts.   

Linda’s 20+ years of global experience as an esthetician, consultant and highly successful retail trainer has shown that a different method for teaching can deliver sustained success. She is also an introvert. 

The ability to listen well and ask astute questions to determine the exact needs of the guest is one of the weakest skills in the global spa industry.   

More Information: The "The Engaged Therapist" is available on, You can click here.

About Moontide Consulting: Moontide Consulting delivers retail sales training for technicians, customized workshops and management coaching for the global spa industry. Company president Linda Harding-Bond is a Philadelphia native living in Bangkok, Thailand. Her passion is to help the spa industry provide a higher level of guest services through her unique approach to spa industry consulting. Visit the website at

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