World class spas and hospitality companies face many challenges in today’s highly competitive, digital and global marketplace. The Moontide Digital Hospitality 360 Program is designed with you in mind.

A key to success is developing, marketing, and selling your spa brand and related services to a new type of guest.

Marketers have identified the omni-channel consumer. This guest is always connected to the internet or cloud. The channels they use include social media, videos, instant messaging, blogging, podcasts and email.

Digital Hospitality 360 Moontide Consulting

Their digital devices include mobile phones, tablets, laptops, wearable tech, smartwatches and virtual reality headsets.

They are influential, educated, have high disposable income, trend younger and are frequent travelers.

Is your spa able to meet the demands of this highly sought after segment of the global market?

How would you like to attract a higher share of this target audience? Have you fully maximized your guest profit potential?

World class spas and hospitality companies personalize the guest experience before, during and after their visit to the spa, hotel or branded property.

Our Digital Hospitality 360 Program will provide you with a strategic plan to target, verify and build relationships with this consumer base. It is uniquely designed to boost your business results.

Moontide Consulting has expertise in social media marketing, website development, public relations, branding and strategic marketing plan creation.

Norm Bond, Global Hospitality 360Norm Bond, our Digital Marketing Director, has consulted with hundreds of international businesses and Fortune 100 executives. He understands their specific needs in regards to communications, digital and social media. His expertise led to the development of our Digital Hospitality 360 Program.

Your entire team, from the most senior executives to the newest receptionists will understand the vital role they play in the digital success of your company. And they will have a set of specific actions to take to monitor their progress and track success.

Get more business leads, increase revenue and improve customer service with Digital Hospitality 360.

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