Do you want to increase your
spa retail revenue?

"Growing retail sales can and will have a profound affect on the growth, profitability and longevity of your facility."  

- Day Spa Association 2015
Spa and Wellness Retail Survey Report 

Why are so few spas capitalizing on the tremendous benefits of increasing retail sales?  

  • A typical spa treatment can produce up to 45% gross profit on service. But selling a retail product can produce up to 60% gross profit. 
spa products

Holly BolandTraining Manager,
MSpa International 

Really valuable. The "baseline" modules build confidence in communication, enabling therapists to find their voice. This program is a model which can be altered or adapted to individual spa's and team personalities.  The value is 10/10.

Retail Spa Training with Moontide Consulting

It turns out that retail sales are good for the customer AND for the spa.

A customer that buys two or more spa products has a
80% return rate
according to ISPA.

Repeat customers are less expensive than having to continually find new customers.

What is the lifetime value of a
customer for your spa?  

The majority of spa therapists and spa management (who were promoted from role of therapist)  
are introverts.. 

we've always done it this way..not

It's critically important that the retail sales training for spa management and therapists be designed FOR introverts.   

Introducing the first industry training for introvert personalities..  
"Increasing Your Retail Selling:
An Online Training Class for Spa Managers"

24-7 Availability


This course is delivered 100% online. So 7-days and 24-hours it is available to you.  

Moontide Resources


You receive video modules, a Managers Guide, templates, and role play scenarios.  


I have trained spa staff at 5-Star resorts in India, Vietnam, Jamaica and Thailand. 

As the senior esthetician at a upscale spa in the U.S., our salon offered luxury products from around the world.

Although I was initially intimidated by some of the prices I went on to sell thousands of dollars worth of products. I also won numerous awards including
'The Best Facial' in the city.
Linda Harding-Bond 
President, Moontide Consulting

This course is delivered 100% online!

You'll receive seven fast-paced Video Modules. And you will also receive an accompanying Managers Guide and Trainers Guide.   

You'll also get access to t
wo BONUS Video Modules. The first addresses "Customer Engagement" and the second focuses on "Closing the Sale".

Each video in the course is delivered in less than eight minutes. You will follow the Resource Guide and be able to train your staff on each module for approximately 1.5 hours.

spa products retail


  • Exclusive LIVE Coaching Call with Linda 
  • Course Spa Managers Guide
  • Spa Therapist Assessment Form Template
  • (5) Customizable Role Play Scenarios
  • (5) Bonus Role Play Scenario Managers Tips
  • Team Building Exercise Resources List
  • Course Trainers Guide
  • (7) Instructor Training Modules
  • (7) Video Lesson Modules (.mp4 files)
  • (2) Bonus Video Modules
  • Discounts on Additional Training or Consulting Services 

DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY RATE!  We know that  "Increasing Your Retail Selling: An Online Training Class for Spa Managers" will deliver the best possible return on investment (ROI) for your spa training budget. Save time and money while getting quality training for you and your staff.



4-day Off-site Training Class
Travel to Training Location

No follow-up Coaching

  • Travel Expense - $500+  
  • Workshop Fee - $2,500+  
  • Hotel Stay (4-days) - $600+  
  • Meals (4-days) - $100+  
  • Time Out of Spa (4-days) -  $2,000+  
  • 365-day class schedule availability
  • Training hours at your convenience
  • Person-to-Person Coaching

$6,100 USD



4-day Online Training Course
On Your Own Computer  

Person-to-Person follow-up Coaching

  • Travel Expense - $0
  • Travel Expense - $0
  • Online Training Course - $799
  • Hotel Stay - $0
  • Meals - $0
  • 365-day class schedule flexibility
  • Training hours at your convenience
  • Person-to-Person Coaching

$799 USD 

Iona Wynter- ParksSpa Director,
GoldenEye Resort

While many consultants have come to us with sterling professional credentials, it was clear from the first that Linda Harding also had the ability to see the relationships of small details and the individual strengths of our therapists, to the larger issues of spa excellence.

Linda provided excellent retail training to my team - some of which had never been comfortable with retailing. It was delivered in a calm gentle approach using personal experiences and examples that resulted in a large increase in my retail sales and thankfully has awakened a desire to retail in those that previously avoided it.

Mark SandsArea Director,
Six Senses Hotels Resorts and Spas 
Allen Mathias, Training Supervisor,
The Oberoi Group

The way to reach the guest's requirement of having a rejuvenating and therapeutic spa experience is important and Ms. Linda does execute the training based on this need beautifully. She is the actual requisite turnkey mantra for any spa operation which is interested in being the best in the business.

YES!  We're ready to get the financial boost this training can deliver.
Let's get started today.



If for any reason you don't think that "Increasing Your Retail Selling: An Online Training Class for Spa Managers" is delivering the results for your team, then just let me know within 30-days. And you will receive a 100% refund of your monies. No hassle, no run-around and no questions asked.
-Linda Harding-Bond,
President, Moontide Consulting