We create customized workshops for your staff which will elevate their levels of understanding the connection between retail product recommendations and great customer service.  Their heightened confidence and ability to engage will improve your customer retention rate exponentially.

ethnicskin workshopDepending on the needs of your organization, our practical workshops will equip your staff with the skills required to be successful with today’s global luxury client.

If  your staff needs knowledge on customer engagement, retail selling or specialized skin care we are able to deliver.

Whether your staff is comprised of newbies or seasoned professionals they will find the workshops enjoyable and challenging. They’ll leave with an improved ability to customize and personalize products or treatments to match client needs and their specific situations.

In addition our follow-up programs and refreshers insure there is accountability, reinforcement and tracking of results so that your organization maximizes the long-term benefits. To get started implementing a customized workshop for your company, simply connect with us today by clicking here.