We work with you to deliver retail sales training for your technicians which will quickly improve your revenue results and Return on Investment (ROI). You can choose our online retail training course for spa managers which allows the greatest flexibility. It enables you to start your training today.

We can also conduct training at your location. In this case we create a specific training program for you and your staff that we deliver. Contact us to arrange an initial consultation.

Moontide Consulting provides you with the following services which are standalone or can be combined;

increasing-retail-selling_macWHY OUR TRAINING WORKS: Our programs are created with introverts in mind. This is the most common personality type found in the spa industry. Traditional styles of training do not stick. If they did, you would be ecstatic about your teams performance and sales revenue figures.

Our training supports and encourages the inherent strengths of your therapists. We build on their ability to listen and engage more confidently with their customer. They begin to make more product recommendations which lead to sales.  Watch your revenues increase within the first month of training. To get started implementing a customized training solution for your company, simply connect with us today by clicking here.