The spa industry is demanding, fast moving and global. If you’re in a senior executive or management position you often need “fresh eyes and ears” to provide you with leading edge insight. Discerning executives realize that it is nearly impossible to stay abreast of these challenges without “outside help”.

Our focus is on the Guest Experience, Five-Star Customer Service and Retail Excellence. Let us work with you to create sound strategies based on our interaction with spas, hotels, and industry leading media. Our hands-on involvement with your target audience is critical. We recognize the growing power and importance of today’s diverse consumer.

We’ve tracked the trends on the impact of digital marketing, social media, mobile devices and what these changes mean for businesses in the global spa industry.

cover slateNorm Bond, our  Digital Marketing Director,  has been called “one of the most powerful influencers to follow in social media”. He has consulted with Fortune 100 executives and  understands their specific needs in regards to digital and social media.

His expertise has led to the development of our Digital Hospitality 360 Program. This is a  strategic digital marketing plan which enables all of your team,  from the senior executives to the receptionists. to see the vital role they play in digital media for your company. The content is designed around the specific needs of the global spa and hospitality industry.

Norm can also work with executives on an individual basis to create a customized plan that is efficient and effective. His over-the-shoulder approach means you don’t need to be a tech wizard to get started.

Connect with us today to learn how these unique insights may be applied within  your company.