We’ve found that there are many questions senior management may have when they’re considering engaging outside consultants to provide retail training or other related services. Many times these very valid questions remain unanswered and can negatively impact the spa, resort or hotel in the long run. So I recently gathered some of the questions from senior management (SM) and provide my answers below. After you read them, feel free to drop me a line with additional feedback or if I missed your FAQ.

Question and Answer Session with Senior Spa Industry Executives and Management (SM)

FAQ #1) SM: “Why do we need retail sales training?”

[Answer] For three primary reasons;

  1. In a recent article Anna Bjurstam, VP of Six Senses Spas stated that spas are giving away anything from 5-30 percent of their revenue. That’s a lot of revenue loss.
  2. Because it’s a skill set that 99% of spa therapists don’t have. Massage and skin care schools do not teach their students how to sell products or upgrade services. When you hired your therapists you probably had a checklist for how they introduced themselves to the client, set up the bed, and the room, checked on the comfort of your client. But you didn’t test their selling skills.
  3. Research has proven that the majority of therapists are introverts so selling will not come naturally to them. They need understanding guidance and training to build this critical skill set.

FAQ #2) SM– “When we purchase our products we already receive training from the product representative. Why would we need you to train our staff again?”

[Answer] It’s true that product training teaches your therapists about the benefits and ingredients of the product. They may even be taught how to present the product to your client. But if that’s all that was required your sales figures would be where you want them to be.

My retail training teaches your therapist how to gauge the client’s needs from the moment they walk in, how to listen and how to engage. They are empowered to use their own judgment and experience as therapists to select the best product or service for the guest which will provide the best experience possible.

FAQ #3) SM– “I don’t have it in the budget to pay someone for sales training.”

[Answer] Probably because it wasn’t considered a priority. But let’s go back to what Anna said. You are losing money every day that you don’t train. If I told you that through my workshops your therapist would increase their sales by 100% in one month wouldn’t that be worth it?

FAQ #4) SM– “OK, I’ll bite. How would you do that? What’s your strategy?”

[Answer] As a former therapist who had the same issues and learned to sell from $4000-$5000 U.S monthly I always create very intimate workshops with technicians to change their belief system of their own importance within your organization. Once they understand the value of the information they provide to your customer it’s all downhill. It’s based upon establishing the human connection. I can also show your management team how to train your people to sell more products which may be more budget friendly.

FAQ #5) SM-“Why should I take a chance on this?”

[Answer] Because there is no risk. We offer a money back guarantee if our program is followed and your team does not double your sales within the first month after training.

FAQ #6) SM-How soon can I expect to see results?

[Answer] You will begin to see results within the second week of training. 

FAQ #7) SM-Why should I hire you?  There are a lot of companies out there!

[Answer] Yes there are. But here is what is different about me.

My workshop, Hit the Ground Running was started in 2009. I created it because I saw the need for a vehicle which could help therapists bridge the gap from what they learned in school to real life spa knowledge. Retail sales, global skin care issues, customer engagement is not a “trend” for me or the latest hot button issue to jump on and make money. It is my passion! That’s why I wrote a book about it and have a blog with a large readership. I have been in the hospitality industry for 20 years and have had the opportunity to work with some of the finest industry experts. I also come from an under-served market, which I believe provides me with a more nuanced viewpoint on what great customer service should look like.

And finally because I was a therapist who was selling four to five thousand dollars per month in retail I know what it takes and how to train other therapists.

SM– “This sounds good. I’ll have my assistant set up an appointment with my Spa Director next week!”