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Retail Selling for Introverts 101

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At some point in our lives, most of us have to sell something. Maybe it’s selling your friends on taking that well earned girls trip to Miami or Dubai. Maybe it’s selling your teen on staying in school rather than dropping out to become a rapper. In any case, we’re selling.

For introverts, because we know these folks it’s not a problem.

But if we have jobs which require selling as a side component, it may be. We didn’t choose to sell but it comes along with the territory. Entrepreneur, spa therapist, stylist- all fall into these categories.

So what do you do?

Check out my e-book Retail Selling for Introverts 101. It will help to you get started.  Drop me a line if you like it.

Good luck.

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Introverts Can’t Sell

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Is this the unspoken message delivered by many companies with products or services to offer?

I ask because although these companies employ both introverts and extroverts,  the sales training that they deliver is invariably designed for the strengths of one personality type only; extrovert. Read More

Introverts-Envision Yourselves Selling Successfully

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All introverts- what gets in the way of selling? We know that presenting in public is the greatest fear after death. Whether you are an entrepreneur, sales associate in the luxury sector or anything in between, let’s get your mind right so success will follow. Also this Blab contains a great time limited offer for the month of March.

Tune into our next Blab for the Global Spa Industry-Can Introverts Sell?

Friday, March 11 7:30 p.m.-8:pm. Bangkok time |  7:30 a.m.-8:00 am East Coast

12:30 pm London | 11:30 pm Sidney,Au.| 2:30 pm South Africa |4:30 pm UAE 

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First North American Guest Experience Award

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With the term “guest experience” on the lips of almost everyone involved in hospitality it was inevitable that a competition would be created to identify the best in the industry.  The awards are the brainchild of  The International Luxury Hotel Association and TrustYou, the leading provider of online reputation management. Read More

Make Your Moonlight your Sunlight; How to make Money during Holiday Season

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We’re talking with Norm Bond global entrepreneur. Norm has just published his new book Make Money Online with Holiday Marketing. 

Linda- Hi Norm. Recently I’ve noticed more activity around the topic of entrepreneurship but I don’t recall seeing anything like your book. What inspired you to write it?

NB-Holiday marketing is an industry that a lot of people don’t pay attention to and it’s actually an opportunity to market year-round. Read More

Top Ten Reasons for Spa Retail Training

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We all know that staff training is best practice for any organization. But maybe you’re having a tough time convincing your senior manager or even yourself. Here in just 10 seconds are the top 10 reasons that you should invest in your staff:


  • Selling 2 products increases customer retention by 60%

  • Trained therapists can contribute up to 20-40% from retail profits

  • Customer engagement and retail sales brings customers back

  • Online retail sellers and mega beauty emporiums are capturing your market share

  • Therapists who don’t recommend products aren’t performing a full service

  • 79% of employees list training as their top priority

  • Products have a higher profit margin than services

  • Selling retail strengthens therapist’s consultative & diagnostic abilities

  • A positive customer experience results in better social media reviews

  • Senior management will be thrilled with increasing profits

3 Social Media Facts Spa Managers Need To Know with Norm Bond

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Moontide Consulting (MC) caught up with Norm Bond (NB) in Bangkok, Thailand and asked for his insights on the global spa industry and social media. We wanted to see if he could give us three social media facts that managers in the global spa industry need to know. Bond is widely recognized as an international authority on marketing. He’s also the author of “Web Traffic Decoded” and a frequent media guest having appeared on CNN, Reuters, FOX News, National Public Radio (NPR), Business Week, and Black Enterprise Magazine.

So give a read and enjoy our exchange below.

MC: Social media (SM) is all I read about now. It’s everywhere. But if I’m a spa manager do I need to be concerned? Isn’t this a senior management area?

NB:  Social media is an integral part of an entire organization. From the senior manager to the entry level employee to the front desk person. Because the nature of social media today is that everybody can be touched by it. 
Read More