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Spas, Training and the Trump Effect

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I’ve been in the U.S. now for longer than I anticipated. What started as a three week trip from my home in Bangkok has morphed into a prolonged visit. While I now have an unlimited opportunity to watch cable networks like CNN and MSNBC I feel that I am caught in the throes of a weird addiction to political news. I begin my day craving information on what havoc has been visited on our world overnight. I check Twitter trends and Huff Post headlines for my fix on the latest global backlash caused by our current administration. Because truth be told drama has happened everyday since January 20.  I find myself headachy before the day really begins.

I know that I am not alone.

I exist in a constant self imposed state of low level anxiety.

I recently read an article that discussed how Susie Ellis, CEO of Global Wellness Institute spoke of Trump as the leading influence of wellness trends for 2017.

“As things get more uncertain wellness gets more important.”

I totally agree with her viewpoint.

Last week I visited my favorite massage therapist. Nothing fancy, she works at Hand & Stone and she is fabulous! The time spent in a quiet environment with her was exactly what I needed. She knew exactly what to do and recommend and I can’t begin to express how much I appreciated her. In this time of turmoil and stress and uncertainly, the spa and wellness industry should be a safe haven. It is crucially  important for our therapists to be totally on point. Excellence in customer service is a teachable skill that should never be taken for granted by management.

Enabling therapists to listen well, respond authentically and recommend knowledgeably is what proper training can do.

Let’s get on it now.  The world needs it.


Moontide Consulting is on Holiday until January

Master Class
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We are taking a much needed rest at Moontide Consulting and will be out of the office until January 11, 2017.

Please contact Linda at if you wish to invest in a staff training for 2017.

Happy Holidays.

How Hotel and Spa Owners Can Stop Marketing Like It’s 1999

Master Class
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Last week Norm Bond, Digital Marketing Manager for Moontide Consulting posted an article on LinkedIn’s Pulse magazine. The piece: How Hotel and Spa Owners Can Stop Marketing and Promoting Like It’s 1999 generated such a firestorm of response that we decided to have Norm talk further about the subject on this week’s Blab. normbond

Join us as we discuss this week’s hot topic in hotel and spa.

Friday, March 25 7:30 p.m.-8:30p.m. Bangkok time |  8:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m. East Coast | 7:30 a.m.-8:30 a.m. CST

12:30 p.m. London | 11:30 p.m. Sidney,Au.| 2:30 p.m. South Africa |4:30 p.m. UAE

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Retail Selling for Introverts 101

Master Class
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At some point in our lives, most of us have to sell something. Maybe it’s selling your friends on taking that well earned girls trip to Miami or Dubai. Maybe it’s selling your teen on staying in school rather than dropping out to become a rapper. In any case, we’re selling.

For introverts, because we know these folks it’s not a problem.

But if we have jobs which require selling as a side component, it may be. We didn’t choose to sell but it comes along with the territory. Entrepreneur, spa therapist, stylist- all fall into these categories.

So what do you do?

Check out my e-book Retail Selling for Introverts 101. It will help to you get started.  Drop me a line if you like it.

Good luck.

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Introverts Can’t Sell

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Is this the unspoken message delivered by many companies with products or services to offer?

I ask because although these companies employ both introverts and extroverts,  the sales training that they deliver is invariably designed for the strengths of one personality type only; extrovert. Read More

Introverts-Envision Yourselves Selling Successfully

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All introverts- what gets in the way of selling? We know that presenting in public is the greatest fear after death. Whether you are an entrepreneur, sales associate in the luxury sector or anything in between, let’s get your mind right so success will follow. Also this Blab contains a great time limited offer for the month of March.

Tune into our next Blab for the Global Spa Industry-Can Introverts Sell?

Friday, March 11 7:30 p.m.-8:pm. Bangkok time |  7:30 a.m.-8:00 am East Coast

12:30 pm London | 11:30 pm Sidney,Au.| 2:30 pm South Africa |4:30 pm UAE 

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